Yhá Mourhia Wright

Yhá Mourhia Wright is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York by way of San José, CA. In 2013, she began her pursuit of an MFA at the Actors Studio Drama School and was one of three actors in her cohort to be selected to study playwriting and acting full time during her three-year coursework. She began development of her original One Act play, Sins Have Come: An American Story-a story which delves into politics, mental health, and matters of race during what was once thought by many to be a “post-racial” United States. In May 2016, she graduated with her MFA and developed a diverse playwriting and screenwriting portfolio. Upon graduation, she founded her production company, Yhá Wright Productions and developed the company’s first original series, #LoveMyRoomie in which she is the Writer, Director, and Executive Producer.