Tara Timberman a.k.a METAL MOTHER

Metal Mother is the neo-surrealist manifestation of Tara Timberman. The idea that we are all playing roles in some perverse ‘cosmic joke’ has been a key component of her process. Having written poetry since a young age, songs began forming after a small Yamaha keyboard was given to her by her sister, Guenevere, when she was 27 years old. What was initially a procrastination tool to stave off the homework of her theatre management studies and her fledgling cannabis business, turned into a 10-year journey of writing, performing, refining and rebirthing through the process of realizing Metal Mother.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, however, forests have always been a common place for her song writing. It’s noticeable in her music as it teems with a certain futurist devotion to the religion of Nature; it’s elemental, meta, pagan, and continually seems to defy classification and order... at the same time as being ever so familiar. The themes of the bittersweetness of life, love, death, and loss have been central elements of her creative process.